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ADA Forms

  1. Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act

    Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the City of Allen (“The City”) is providing this Grievance Procedure and... More…

City Secretary

  1. Blue Star Flag Application

    Blue Star Flags are presented to the families of Allen service members currently deployed in the U.S. Armed Forces.

  1. Office of the Mayor Request

    Request a letter, proclamation or special recognition from the Office of the Mayor. Please submit this form at least 30 days prior to... More…

Community Services

  1. Litter Bag Collection Request

    Submit a request for the City to pick up litter bags left by an authorized litter cleanup event.

  2. Right to Request Disclosure

    Pursuant to section 182.052 of the Texas Utilities Code and section 552.1331 of the Texas Government Code, with certain exceptions the... More…

  3. Tool Trailer Statistics Form

    Submit statistics following use of the City of Allen Tool Trailer and/or Hydraulic Lift Trailer.

  1. Litter Collection Statistics Form

    Submit statistics for your authorized Adopt-A cleanup event.

  2. Tool Trailer Lending Agreement

    This is Tool Trailer Lending Agreement required to check out all tools and trailers from the program. You are liable for all equipment... More…

Fire Department

  1. Allen Fire Department - Public Appearance / Community Outreach Request

    Use this form to request an appearance, station tour or online Zoom session with Allen Fire Department.

Human Resources

  1. Commend a City Employee

    Contact the City of Allen to thank or commend a City employee.

  1. Report an City Employee

    Contact the City of Allen to file a complaint or report against a City of Allen employee.


  1. Ask APL

    Get personalized assistance and resources from library staff! Just fill out the form, providing as much detail as possible. Please... More…

  2. Display Case Proposal

    Gallery display case proposal form.

  3. Library - General Comment

    Have an idea or a comment to leave the Library? Write it here!

  4. Next Reads - Youth

    Personalized book suggestions for children and teens.

  5. Rental Request for Information Form

    Rental information inquiries for the Civic Auditorium, Library Meeting Room, and Library Board Room.

  6. Tour Request Form
  1. Book Bundle

    A bundle is a variety of 5 books that fit within a certain children's book category, (picture books, easy readers, etc.) Simply fill... More…

  2. Ebook Support

    A help form to help the librarians provide more timely support to our patrons using our digital library.

  3. Next Reads

    Get suggestions for your next good book or have a librarian pull a bundle of items.

  4. Purchase Suggestion Form

    We welcome patron suggestions for library purchases and will evaluate your request in accordance with the Library's selection policy.

  5. Storybook Trail

    Storybook Trail Comments

Municipal Court

  1. Attorney Contact - File a Motion or Letter

    Attorneys may use this form to file a motion or letter to the Municipal Court.

  2. Request Dismissal of an Eligible Case

    You may use this form to request dismissal of an eligible case.

  1. Contact Municipal Court Clerk

    Contact a Municipal Court Clerk to set or reschedule a court date, submit a document or ask a question.

  2. Teen Court Academy Application

    Allen's Teen Court program allows teens to serve as defense and prosecuting attorneys, bailiffs, jurors, and clerks in order to gain... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Artist Selection Panel Interest Form

    Complete this form to show your interest in joining an artist selection panel for future public art projects.

  1. Birthday Party Rental Request - Allen Community Ice Rink

    Submit a request to have your child's next birthday party at Allen Community Ice Rink!


  1. Commend an Allen Police Department Employee

    Contact the Allen Police Department to thank or commend an employee or officer.

  2. Project HOME Enrollment Form

    Project H.O.M.E. helps first responders identify children or adults who are unable to communicate their names or addresses due to a... More…

  3. Security Survey Request Form

    Allen Police Department offers free security surveys for the community. A Security Survey includes an assessment of the 3 lines of... More…

  1. Identity Theft Witness Statement

    Please fill out this statement prior to filing a police report regarding an identity theft case. THIS IS NOT A POLICE REPORT. You must... More…

  2. Report an Allen Police Department Employee

    Contact the Allen Police Department to file a complaint about an Allen Police Department officer or employee.

  3. Submit a Traffic Concern

    Contact the Allen Police Department to report a traffic concern.

Police - Community Relations

  1. R.A.D. Registration and Release Form

    Enroll in a R.A.D. course (Rape Aggression Defense) led by certified Allen Police instructors.

Public and Media Relations

  1. Request City of Allen participation in non-profit donation drives

    Submission open to non-profit organizations located in Allen or who's activities directly benefit Allen residents.

  1. Submit an Item for the Calendar

    Events open to the general public in Allen.

Water Conservation

  1. H2ome Improvement: Low-Flow Toilet Rebate Application
  2. H2ome Improvement: Rain and Freeze Sensor Rebate Application
  3. H2ome Improvement: SMART Irrigation Technology Rebate Application
  4. New Lawn/Landscape Watering Variance Request

    Submit this form to request a variance in your landscape watering schedule due to the planting of new lawn (grass) or landscape. If... More…

  1. H2ome Improvement: Pressure-Reducing Valve Rebate Application
  2. H2ome Improvement: Rain Barrel Rebate Application
  3. H2ome Improvement: Water-Efficient Washing Machine Rebate Application