How do I apply for a job with the City of Allen?

We only accept applications for positions currently posted online. All applications must be submitted through our online system; incomplete applications will not be considered. We don’t accept resumes unless they are submitted as an attachment in the online application process. (Need help setting up your profile? View the online support guide.)

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1. How do I apply for a job with the City of Allen?
2. If I can't access the online application, what should I do?
3. I want to apply for more than one position. Do I need to fill out a separate application for each job?
4. Can I submit my resume instead of completing the job application form?
5. Will I be informed if I did not get the job I applied for?
6. How do I know when you’re recruiting for a specific job?
7. What is CJIS and why is it a requirement for some positions with the City of Allen?
8. Does the City of Allen participate in E-Verify?