Construction materials

Construction or remodeling materials including sheet rock, brick, rock, gravel, concrete, dirt, sod, carpet and fence panels must be taken to the NTMWD 121 Regional Disposal Facility and may incur a disposal fee to be paid by the resident. Residents must show a current City of Allen water bill and Texas drivers license with matching address to access the facility. Learn more

Latex and oil-based paints, paint thinner/stopper, primer, spray paint, turpentine, varnish and wood preservatives are accepted in Allen's HHW program. See a full list and schedule collection

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1. Bulky/large items
2. Chemicals/cleaning supplies
3. Construction materials
4. Medications/medical waste
5. Yard waste
6. Appliances
7. Batteries
8. Light bulbs
9. Aluminum foil/dishes
10. Ammunition
11. Animal waste
12. Cans
13. Cooking oil
14. Electronics/televisions
15. Fireworks/explosives
16. Furniture/mattresses
17. Food waste
18. Glass
19. Household items
20. Mercury thermostats
21. Paint/varnish
22. Plastic bags
23. Paper
24. Plastics
25. Propane tanks
26. Styrofoam
27. Tree branches/brush