Medications/medical waste

Medications may be disposed anonymously at annual Allen cleanup events or nearby pharmacies. Needles, sharps, and syringes should be placed in a hard plastic or metal container with a secured lid. Before throwing this container in the trash, secure the lid with heavy-duty duct tape and place inside a dark trash bag. Soiled bandages, disposable sheets and medical gloves should be securely fastened inside a plastic bag before placing in your household trash.

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1. Bulky/large items
2. Chemicals/cleaning supplies
3. Construction materials
4. Medications/medical waste
5. Yard waste
6. Appliances
7. Batteries
8. Light bulbs
9. Aluminum foil/dishes
10. Ammunition
11. Animal waste
12. Cans
13. Cooking oil
14. Electronics/televisions
15. Fireworks/explosives
16. Furniture/mattresses
17. Food waste
18. Glass
19. Household items
20. Mercury thermostats
21. Paint/varnish
22. Plastic bags
23. Paper
24. Plastics
25. Propane tanks
26. Styrofoam
27. Tree branches/brush