New Residents

Howdy, new neighbor! We’re glad you’re here. While we’re sure you’re tired from the big move, we want to make sure you have what you need to get settled in! Follow the links below for all the information you may need as a new Allen resident.

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We love seeing Allen through the eyes of everyone who lives here, and through #NoPlaceLikeAllen, we also love sharing this perspective on social media! As you move in and get settled, we would be thrilled to have you join us in sharing what you think makes Allen special. (Hint: it's YOU)

If, while exploring your new home city, you come across a downed tree on a trail, a pothole or any other issue on city property, you can use the MyAllen app and Request Center to report it directly to us. Since we may not see everything before Allen residents do, this helps us identify and address issues as quickly as possible!

City Services and Government

One of the first things you should check off your “just moved in” list is setting up your water and trash service. Speaking of trash, the blue bin next to your grey trash bin is for recyclable waste! Allen’s waste service provider, Community Waste Disposal (CWD), offers single stream recycling – which means that you won’t have to sort recyclable materials before putting them in your blue bin. 

Worried about accidentally putting non-recyclables in the blue recycling bin, or recyclables in the grey trash bin? Check out the Trash and Recycling Guidelines for a comprehensive list (and easy to read diagram) of what waste goes in which bin.

Being in North Texas, Allen gets its fair share of extreme weather. This includes long, hot and typically dry summers. To help keep our community lake water levels high during the hotter parts of the year, Allen residents have annual outdoor watering restrictions between the months of April and October.

If you have one, you can register your home alarm system with Allen Police, which helps cut down on the number of false alarm calls.

Pet owners who have a dog, cat or ferret will need to register them with Allen Animal Services.

Those with children will want to find their school district. Depending on where your home is located in Allen, you may fall within Allen ISD, Plano ISD or Lovejoy ISD.

Now that you’re an Allen resident, register to vote using your new address so you can exercise your voting rights. Speaking of voting, get to know the group of locally elected people who make decisions for our community: Allen City Council.

Things to do in Allen

After getting settled into your new home, you may wonder what kind of fun you can have in Allen. Fortunately, your new hometown is chock-full of fun things to do! Thanks to Allen Convention & Visitors Bureau, there’s a convenient all-in-one list of amazing Allen activities you’ll find in our community.

In addition to the great shopping and dining options, Allen also boasts an award-winning Parks & Recreation department who’s recreation facilities and events are truly one-of-a-kind. Putting the “recreation” in Parks & Recreation, this department’s calendar is chock-full of fun events of all sizes. From the small but mighty (REV in the Park) to the bigger than life (Market Street Allen USA Celebration) there’s something for everyone on Allen Parks & Recreation’s event calendar.

If you or your family are fans of the great outdoors, you won’t have to go far to find amazing natural escapes on Allen’s massive trail and park system. Reaching nearly 80 miles long, our trail system spans every corner of the city, and is part of a larger network of trails that covers North Texas. The trails are also home to some of our city’s beautiful public art. See how long it takes you to find them all!

Along with amazing events, parks, trails and facilities, Allen Parks & Recreation also offers a ton of exciting activities for folks of all ages. Want to play in an organized softball league? Learn to swim? Watch movies at a drive-in? We’ve got you covered! Every few months, you will also get the LIFE in Allen Activity Guide in the mail, which offers details on all upcoming Parks & Recreation events that season.

In addition to activities, many Parks facilities are also available to rent for parties, reunions, get-togethers and everything in between.

Need a new story to dive into? Allen Public Library’s massive catalog of books, magazines, audio and e-books might be exactly what you’re looking for. The best part? Getting your library card is completely free!

The library also hosts a ton of events ranging from educational to downright entertaining. In particular, the auditorium is home to an incredible number of on stage programs that scratch every interest's itch.

New to North Texas roads?

If you’re moving in from out of state, getting a Texas Driver License should be on your to-do list. Fortunately, the Texas Department of Public Safety makes this process fairly easy, but you may still want to get started early.

Along with getting your new Lone Star State-styled license, you’ll also want to get your vehicle inspected and then registered with the state so you can get that nice new windshield sticker and Texas plates.

Around here, highways are often the fastest way to get from one side of the metroplex to the other. Many of the highways in North Texas are tollways, so having an NTTA TollTag on hand will make things easier if you do a lot of driving.

Lastly, if you are a senior or are disabled, the City of Allen partners with Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) to offer a transportation option to Allen residents who qualify.