Neighborhood partnership program

Enhancing Your Neighborhood

enhance: /inˈhans, enˈhans/ [verb] to increase, or further improve the quality, or value.

Your neighborhood is already pretty great. I mean, YOU live there, right? But how would you make it better? And since every neighborhood is a little different, how would you make your neighborhood uniquely the best? The best neighborhoods have an attribute in them that can only be found when residents engage and participate. Uniquely enhanced neighborhoods are shaped and created by the neighbors themselves. 

Partnership Program

The Community Enhancement Department is launching a partnership program for neighborhood groups in HOA and non-HOA neighborhoods. Through our Neighborhood Enhancement Division, we want to partner with residents and neighborhoods who want to enhance their communities by actively engaging with the City. This program is an essential first step to partnering with us and enhancing the quality of your neighborhood. Participating neighborhoods will be able to:

  • Receive enhanced communications from the City about programs, initiatives, City projects or issues that could impact the neighborhood
  • Reserve the Let’s Party! Trailer for neighborhood block parties
  • Submit direct feedback through community surveys
  • Receive technical assistance on methods of community organization, utilizing City services and managing neighborhood assets
  • Take advantage of resources and training for volunteer neighborhood leaders
  • Appear on the online Partnering Neighborhoods Map which serves as a key communication tool to keep organizations connected and informed
  • Participate in other future neighborhood programs

Through this program, we want to facilitate the highest degree of resident, neighborhood and City connectivity possible.

Interested in signing up your neighborhood?
After you download and review the program policies (PDF), fill out the partnership application to start the process.

Don’t know if your neighborhood is already a partner?
View our Partnering Neighborhoods Map