Victim Advocacy

A crime can have multiple impacts on an individual and their family - not only physically - but also emotionally, financially and legally.

Allen Police Department (APD) is dedicated to providing trauma-informed and compassionate services to support crime victims, family members and witnesses in the aftermath of a violent crime.

Our goal is to reduce the short-term and long-term effects related to the traumatic experience of victimization.

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The purpose of APD's Victim Advocate is to assist victims of crime through the criminal justice system. Our victim advocacy program provides services to victims of crimes such as assault, family violence, sexual assault, robbery, harassment and others.

The Victim Advocate works closely with victims and their families to provide the following services:
  • Assistance in applying for and filing Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) claims
  • Assistance obtaining Emergency and Permanent Protective Orders
  • Court accompaniment
  • Criminal justice support and advocacy
  • Crisis intervention, crisis counseling, and counseling referrals
  • Information regarding crime victim rights
  • Referral to appropriate social service agencies
  • Referral for medical services
  • Safety planning, including referrals to family violence shelters

Local Resources

More resources

  • Collin County District Attorney’s Office - Victim Assistance
  • Collin County District Attorney’s Office
  • Collin County District Clerk’s Office
  • Collin County Jail
  • Adult and Child Abuse Hotline