Beautification Tool Trailer and Hydraulic Lift Trailers

tool trailer
Electronic Lift

Keep Allen Beautiful offers community groups access to two hydraulic lift trailers and one tool trailer to assist with community improvement and beautification projects. These trailers may be reserved up to two weeks in advance for a project and are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Online Tool Trailer Request Form

When a request is received, staff will review the request and respond with an email or phone call.  

The Trailer Lending Agreement must be signed prior to loaning trailers to a group. This is an agreement to return the items in the same condition in which they left City property. If you are transporting a trailer, proof of insurance must be provided prior to the event.

Trailers may be put in place prior to the event and removed after the event, in which case City crew will take care of the transportation of the trailer as well as the disposal of debris loaded into the trailer. 

One adult in a participating group must take responsibility for the trailer and the safety of the group in regards to the trailer use.  This includes items associated with the trailer (i.e., tools, machines, hydraulics, locks, etc.). 

For more information, please contact Education Specialist Josué Diaz at 214.509.4555.

NOTICE: Keep Allen Beautiful and the City of Allen are not responsible for final cleanup or disposal of any waste generated by any community improvement projects using the Tool Trailer.

  1. Proper Loading
  2. Landfill Rules
  3. Other Important Information

Weight loads must be distributed evenly so the trailer does not track unevenly when being pulled or twist when being dumped. Loads must not overhang the sides of the trailer, but be fully contained inside the trailer.

Loads going to the landfill system must be covered.  The 14’ trailer has a tarp system attached. Please assure that the tarp system is able to be deployed to cover the load. The 12’ trailer is covered by hand.  Loads must not be too tall for tarps to be employed to cover the load.

The hydraulic lift trailers have a 2.5/8” ball on them. Trucks that will be used to move the trailers from one place to another during the cleanup must have a hitch to accommodate this size of ball.