Wastewater Collection System

Wastewater discharged from a home or business enters the sewer system through service lines eight inches in diameter or smaller. These service lines carry the flow of wastewater to the City’s trunk lines, consisting of pipes eight inches in diameter or larger. Depending on the topography, wastewater flows through the City either by gravity or with the assistance of lift stations. These lift stations pump wastewater from trunk lines to the main North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) interceptor sewers. Interceptor sewers, up to 60 inches in diameter, carry the water to the NTMWD treatment plant. See NTMWD wastewater system page for more information.

Sewer Lift Stations

City sewer systems are built to utilize the natural flow of gravity when possible. When wastewater cannot travel by gravity, lift stations force wastewater through sewer mains until it can be transported by gravity again.

The City of Allen has six lift stations, strategically located based on the topography of the area.