Teen Volunteers

Give back to your community, help foster literacy, and make great friends! Become a VolunTeen!

The Allen Public Library welcomes the help of VolunTeens with a variety of volunteer opportunities for students ages 13 to 18. VolunTeens are selected twice a year: in late April or early May for summer positions and in August for school year positions. All VolunTeens are required to attend an orientation session.

The application period for our school year volunteers is closed. The Summer 2024 application will open Mon, April 15 - Sun, April 19, 2024.

Due to the number of applicants, we cannot accept every teen who applies. Candidates will be considered based on prior experience, qualifications, and compatibility with Library schedule and needs.

All VolunTeens are expected to adhere to the VolunTeen Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy. Please make sure to read this document.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Summer Volunteer Application 2024: Mon, April 15 - Sun, April 29, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do I have to be to be a VolunTeen?
A: School Year 2023 - 2024 VolunTeens must be 13 by Sep 1, 2023 and no older than 18. Summer 2024 VolunTeens must be 13 by June 1, 2024 and no older than 18. 

Q: What do VolunTeens do?
A: Story Time Aides assist librarians during weekly story times – some duties include using puppets, prepping for crafts and mirroring the librarian to help children follow along. Special Event VolunTeens provide assistance during Library programs. For a list of our Special Events, please see the calendar on our website.

Q: Where can I get an application?
A: Our applications are online only. VolunTeens are selected twice a year: in late April or early May for summer positions and in August for school year positions. We will update the Important Dates section above once dates are set.

Q: I am not comfortable working with children. Do you have any other positions available that do not require working with children?
A: At this time, all VolunTeen positions require working with children, tweens, teens and adults.

Q: I have applied before and didn’t get a position. Should I apply again?
A: Yes. We have a limited number of positions. Please keep applying each session and make sure to write in your application that you have applied before.

Q: How do I improve my chances of getting a position?
A: Please fill out your application completely, giving us as much information about your interests and skills as possible. Be extremely clear about your schedule, to the best of your knowledge. Letting us know more about you helps us to place you in an appropriate volunteer position.

Q: I’m not really outgoing. Can I still be a VolunTeen?
A: Working with the public is a learned skill. If you are willing to learn, we want to help you and we will help you become a great VolunTeen!

Q: I've just graduated high school but am still 18. Am I eligible to volunteer in the summer?
A: Unfortunately, after you have graduated high school, no matter your age, you are no longer eligible to be a VolunTeen. While we love our seniors, we must eventually bring in and train a new group of teens.  Come back to participate in library programming or to say hi and let us know about your post-high school plans!

Q: Is working as a summer VolunTeen different then working as a school year VolunTeen?
A: Yes! During the school year, things are a little more relaxed. During the summer, the Library is extremely busy with Summer Reading Club. We have extremely high demands and expectations for summer VolunTeens and prefer a somewhat flexible schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at volunteens@cityofallen.org.