Hiring Process

We believe every job is an important job. That’s why we review thousands of applications each year, searching for the best fit for every role. Here’s a look at our hiring process and tips for making your application stand out.

STEP 1: Browse job openings

All job openings are posted online and contain details about the minimum qualifications required. Pay careful attention to this section! If your application does not clearly demonstrate the necessary experience, you won’t be considered for that job.

  • Tip #1: Be honest about your work experience, education and other information

    Don’t apply for jobs you aren’t truly qualified to perform. Even if you make it through the application process, we’ll rescind your job offer or dismiss you from employment if we determine any information is false.
  • Tip #2: Save time by creating an online profile

    You can create an online profile at any time, even if you aren’t applying for an open job. Contact information, work and education history, certificates/licenses, skills and references can all be saved in your online profile. Once you create your profile, you can quickly and easily apply for future positions. Create your profile now.

STEP 2: Submit your application

We only accept applications for positions currently posted online. All applications must be submitted through our online system; incomplete applications will not be considered. We don’t accept resumes unless they are submitted as an attachment in the online application process. (Need help setting up your profile? View the online support guide.)

  • Tip #3: Fine tune your application to each job

    Clearly list and highlight the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies that make you a strong fit for each job. Candidates whose background, experience and education are most closely related to the position may be considered first.

  • Tip #4: Take time to complete each required field

    If the application asks for details on your work history or education, include them—even if the same information is on an attached resume. (Writing “see resume” isn’t acceptable.) If we don’t see relevant skills/experience included in your application form, your resume may not be viewed.

STEP 3: Wait. (Yes, it really is the hardest part.)

It can take 30-90 days to fill a job vacancy, depending on the type of position. The hiring department will review applications and schedule interviews. Not all applicants will be interviewed. If you are not selected for an interview, we will notify you in writing.

  • Tip #5: Contact your references

    If you are selected to move forward in the interview process, we will check your  references first. Ensure you list at least three on your application; we prefer at least two of them to be professional references. Consider informing these individuals of your application so they are prepared to be contacted by the City of Allen.
  • Tip #6: Check your application status online.

    If you want to know your application status, log into your account. We'll update your status there.

STEP 4: Complete pre-employment screenings, if a job is offered

All job offers are contingent upon successfully completing pre-employment screenings. These include a drug test, criminal background check, driving record check and a physical examination, if applicable. A final job offer is made only after these requirements have been met.

STEP 5: Accept a final job offer

If you’ve made it to this stage—congratulations and welcome to our team! We’ll contact you about the next steps in your employment, including finalizing a start date.