Contract Terms

Keep Allen Beautiful would like to welcome you to the Adopt-A-Program. There are four types of participants in the program (Current Adopters, New Adopters, Probationary Groups, & One-Time Cleanups). Anyone can hold a cleanup in Allen. If you're a formal adopter or aspiring adopter, these are the contract requirements.  

  • Conduct four cleanups per year (quarterly) including two city-wide cleanups held in April and November.
  • Provide statistics report to Keep Allen Beautiful at the conclusion of each cleanup within ten days.
  • Submit photos via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Order and maintain Adopt-A-Program loaner supply kit.
Please select the appropriate category for more information.

  1. NEW ADOPTERS - New adopters are groups or individuals wanting to go through the adoption process. 
  2. PROBATIONARY GROUPS - Probationary groups are groups or individuals that are going through the adoption process in preparation to be a current adopter.
  3. CURRENT ADOPTERSCurrent adopters are groups or individuals currently under contract responsible for a roadway, waterway, or spot. 
  4. ONE-TIME CLEANUPS - One-Time Cleanups are groups or individuals make up for 30% of the litter collected in Allen. These groups or individuals are community members who decide to clean roadway, waterway, or spot without the commitment of a contract. 


Please make sure that your group is in compliance with their contract agreement. Any group that has more than one consecutive year out of compliance ARE NOT eligible for renewal. Your area will be put up for adoption in the upcoming adoption season without notice.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of ALL adopters to complete the contract terms and to keep the Adopt-A-Program staff up-to-date of any contact information changes that might affect reminders, notices, and contract renewals.

For more information, contact JosuĂ© Diaz at or call at 214.509.4555